Semarang One Day Tour From Cruise Port

9 Hours
Start Price
Start Price
USD 86 Per Person
Hotel Include
Hotel Include

Semarang One Day Tour

  • Great Mosque and Al Husna Tower

Semarang one Day Tour- This mosque was built in 2006 and finished in 2006 on 10 hectare area. Desain of architecture was adopted from Romawi and Javanese style, by Local architect Ir. H. Ahmad Fanani dari PT. Atelier Enam Jakarta. The mosque was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on November 14, 2006.  In another side of Mosque, there is a tower 99 meters called Al Husna tower, usually use as view point for Semarang city around it.

  • Monkey Cave Jati Barang

This cave located in Jatibarang nature lake, about 30 minutes drive from Semarang city. This Place was popular because there is a beautiful lake and monkeys around it. Since long time ago, this was use as one of tourism destination in Semarang Central java. When you visit this place, must be taking care all your belonging such as phone, bags, camera or your food from monkeys.

  • Sam Po Kong

Sam Po Kong Temple or Klenteng Sam Po Kong is one of historical place located in Semarang town. This Place was built in 1724 by a Muslim admiral called Cheng Ho from Ming Dynasty in China. Cheng Ho sailing from china to spread a peace mission around the world. He stop over Semarang during His expedition because some of his ship’s crew get sick. Than during that time, in the place called simongan, they build a mosque and a place to stay. Now days, this place populer as Klenteng Sam Po Kong and opened for public who interested to see the history of Admiral Cheng ho and his people in Semarang at the time.

  • Lawang Sewu

This building was built by Dutch in 1904 as an official office for Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij atau NIS. Lawang sewu was named by local people because the number of doors and windows are a lot. Since 2011 Lawang sewu was open as museum for public to the history of train development in java since Dutch era.  

  • Kota lama




Kota lama semarang was  built in 17 century by dutch and it was designed like any other building in Europa at that time. This also can be seen from ornament details, windows and doors design that identik with European architecture at the same time. Last year in 2019, the area was fully renovated and than use as one of tourism destination in Semarang town. Besides tourism, this place also usually use as photography background, for those people who loves classic setting. By choosing the Semarang cruise tour package, you will have a chance to visit all the destination above.

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    07:00 Pick up in Seaport Semarang

    07:30 Visit Great Mosque and Al Husna Tower to landscape of Semarang City

    09:00 Explore the nature lake of Jati barang and see the Monkeys in Goa kreo

    11:00 Visit Sam Po Kong Klenteng to see the Historical Museum Admiral Cheng Ho

    12:30 Lunch in Local Restaurant

    14:00 Visit Lawang Sewu, Dutch heritage building with very beautiful architect

    15:30 Walking tour In Kota lama, Dutch heritage area.

    16:30 Back to your Cruise in Semarang Port(end of our service)

    Estimation price for this tour package is start from $ 86 per person, please kindly Email or Chat us for more details.


    • Car with air conditioned
    • All entrance fees as mentioned above
    • Lunch
    • English speaking guide or another requested language
    • Mineral water bottled


    • All personal expenses
    • Tipping for guide and driver
    • All personal needs
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