Jogjakarta City Tour

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Hotel Include

Jogjakarta City Tour Destinations

Jogjakarta City Tour- Cultural heritage buildings are found in Jogjakarta, such as Sultan’s Palace, Taman Sari Water Castle, Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple. The city is known as producer of Batik with distinctive style. Following this tour (if you have enough time), you will learn and practice to making Batik. You will also visit Kotagede to see the manufacture of silver jewelry.

Sultan’s Palace or Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

The Palace is a landmark of Jogjakarta. Traditional Javanese architecture looks very dominate. In addition, collaborated with the architecture style of Portuguese, Dutch, and China. Sultan’s Palace was built in 1755. Its location is within an imaginary line between Merapi Volcano and Southern Sea. Officially, Special Region of Yogyakarta joined the Republic of Indonesia in 1950, but the Palace is still functioned as residence of Sultan (King), and Javanese tradition preservation center.

Taman Sari

The water palace or Taman sari was built in 1758-1769 as the resting place of King, and the fortress. Portuguese architecture was applied, and combined with Javanese philosophy. The palace complex is not intact, because part of the building has collapsed. But you can still visit various exotic places, such as bathing pools, water canals, underground mosques and many more.

Batik Practicing With Jogjakarta City Tour Package 

Batik Jogjakarta is favored by Indonesian people and foreign tourists. Although technology is getting more modern, but the craftsmen still rely on the traditional way. The manufacturing time is longer, but the quality is the best. You can learn and practice to making batik.

Silversmith in Kotagede 

Kotagede is known as the center of silver industry. The model and designs are very unique and interesting. So, you can make it as souvenir for the dear ones. Following this tour, you can see the process of making silver jewelries and handicrafts.

Prambanan Temple


Prambanan Temple had been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage site since 1991. It is the largest, and grandest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Prambanan is included as the most beautiful temple in Southeast Asia, because the uniqueness of the architecture. The construction of temple began in 9th century. Restoration had been started since 1918. Some buildings have collapsed, but you still can enjoy the beauty of Prambanan Temple.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is a remarkable masterpiece and recognized by UNESCO. The largest Buddhist temple in the world was built in the 9th century. The temple is like puzzle of millions of volcanic rocks. The construction process reached until 75 years. Giant stones were carved and designed to lock each other.  Every stone was arranged without cement.  This temple is also decorated with beautiful reliefs, which tells the phase of human life.  

Plaosan Temple

Plaosan temple located 1,5 Km from Prambanan temple, it was built around 9th century by King Rakai Pikatan as A gift to his wife. This temple also known as twin temple, because there are two temples seems very similar by design and their panel or relief. Choosing Yogjakarta City Tour package you will experience a lot of unforgettable memory.  

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    08:00 Visit Borobudur temple
    09:30 Back to Yogyakarta for Sultan’s Palace
    10:30 Visit Sultan’s Palace
    11:30 Water Castle or Taman Sari visit
    13:00 Lunch
    15:00 Plaosan temple visit
    16:00 Sunset in Prambanan temple
    17:30 Back to hotel

    Estimation price for this tour package is start from $ 85 per person, please kindly Email or Chat us for more details.


    • Car with air conditioned
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    • English speaking guide or another requested language
    • Mineral water bottled


    • All personal expenses
    • Tipping for guide and driver
    • Souvenirs
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