Borobudur Sunrise and Village Tour

8 Hours
Start Price
Start Price
USD 70 Per Person
Hotel Include
Hotel Include

Borobudur Sunrise Village Tour

Borobudur Sunrise Village Tour- Borobudur temple not only offers the grandeur of the ancient building, and the uniqueness of architecture. But also a favorite place to watch the golden sunrise. Make sure you are in the right spot to see the beauty of sunrise. In order not to miss the beautiful moments. It is advisable to follow the package of Borobudur Sunrise Tour.

Borobudur Sunrise


If you want to watch the golden sunrise, you should come at dawn. Because the entrance ticket to the spot is different from general visitors. Tourists will receive Batik cloth as an identity during the area of Borobudur temple. The guide will show you the best spot to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise.

Morning coffee at Manohara Hotel. The best sunrise spot in Borobudur temple area is in Manohara hotel. You will stay at this hotel, so you feel more comfortable to welcome the rising of the sun. After enjoying the beauty of sunrise, you can get breakfast and a cup of hot coffee.

Borobudur sunrise village tour also bring you to visit Pawon and Mendut Temple

The location of Pawon temple and Mendut temple are very close to Borobudur temple. Usually tourists will visit the three temples. Each temple has its own uniqueness. All these temples had been built since the 7 century. You are free to take pictures as sweet memories during the tour.

Candirejo Village

Last Destination of this Borobudur Sunrise and Village Tour is Candirejo village. Candirejo was named Candighra at first then change to Candirga, Candirja, and known as Candirejo until now. It is located 3 km south-east of Borobudur Temple or about an hour from Yogyakarta. This village is 3 km squares and has a population of 4.056. In this village, you will explore the local activities by bicycle or dokar or horse cart. During the village tour in Candirejo, the local guide will bring you to their local house and experience their activities such: making cassava cheeps, playing gamelan as Javanese instrument and cooking.

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    03: 30 am Drive to Borobudur temple

    05: 30 am Enjoy the sunrise in the temple

    07: 30 am Morning coffee at Manohara Hotel

    08: 00 am Visit Pawon and Mendut temple

    08: 30 am Visiti Candirejo Village

    11: 30 am Back to hotel

    Estimation price for this tour package is start from $ 70 per person, please kindly Email or Chat us for more details.


    • Car with air conditioned
    • All entrance fees as mentioned above
    • English speaking guide or another requested languages
    • Mineral water bottled


    • All personal expenses
    • Tipping for guide and driver
    • All personal needs
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