The Love Story Behind Uniqueness of Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple Story

Indonesia not only has Borobudur Temple, but also Roro Jongrang or Prambanan Temple. Its claimed to be the largest in Southeast Asia. In 1991, UNESCO had set this temple as a world cultural heritage. So the existence of the temple are highly protected by government. Well, what are the uniqueness of this temple?

The Story of Unrequited Love in Prambanan Temple

The height of Roro Jongrang temple is 47 metres, 5 metres higher than Borobudur temple. Its existence is associated with the legend of Roro Jongrang. The Java folklore told about a prince named Bandung Bondowoso who felt in love with a princess named Roro Jongrang.

Unfortunately, she did not love the prince. For that reason, she put forward specific requirements which must be done by Bandung Bondowoso. She challenged to build a temple with 1,000 statues. But she only provided overnight to establish the temple.

Evidently, her request was affordable by Bandung Bondowoso. With his abilities, he almost completed the construction of the temple. Unfortunately, Roro Jongrang did cheating by asking villagers to pound rice. The goal was to provoke roosters to crow, as a sign it was morning.

The fraudulent act was known by Bandung Bondowoso. When he was able to build 999 statues. Because she had cheated, he condemned Roro Jongrang as a statue to 1,000. Thus the temple had 1,000 statues. The story of unrequited love gave rise myth, if two lovers could not visit this temple. Because it feared negative affect on their relationship.

The Uniqueness of The Architecture 


The architecture of Prambanan temple symbolizes the belief in Hindu religion. There are three temples in the primary yard, namely Shiva temple, Brahma temple and Vishnu temple. Each main temple has accompanying temple.

Shiva temple accompanied by Nandini temple. Brahma temple accompanied by Angsa temple. While Vishnu temple accompanied by Garuda temple. The reliefs on the temple walls tell the story of Ramayana. You can find relief of kalpataru tree in Prambanan. The tree was considered a symbol of sustainability, life and harmony. The existence of kalpataru tree described the people of Java at that time. They had awareness in environmental conservation.

You can search for more informations about the temple in the museum, which is located in the temple complex. The museum provides audio-visual information about the history of the discovery the temple until the restoration process. Sendratari Ramayana staging can be watched on a monthly basis. Especially during a full moon. The story is based on the Ramayana reliefs carved on the temple walls.

Interested to Visit Prambanan Temple?

The beautiful temple was built in 850 AD, during regime of Medang Mataram Kingdom. In 930, the temple started untreated. Therefore, damage to building happened. The restoration began in 1918 and was completed in 1953.

Temple of Prambanan is located in Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta and in Klaten, Central Java. General facilities around the temple are very complete. You can find hotels, restaurant and souvenir shops.

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