Enjoy The Natural Beauty of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is a favorite tourist destination in East Java, Indonesia. The landscape is very beautiful and make anyone yearn to come back. It is located at altitude of 2,392 metres. Administratively, the mountain is located in the area of Kabupaten Malang, Lumajang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo. When in Bromo, you can find caldera with the area  up to 10 kilometres. Intrigued by the uniqueness of Bromo?

Witness Traditional Ceremony

Bromo is still active as an volcano. Interval eruption lasted about 30 years. Most major eruption was recorded in 1974. The natural beauty of this mountain is very remarkable. Naturally, if tourist numbers are always high.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also see unique ceremony known as Yadna Kasada or Kasada ceremony. The traditional ceremony is held every year. Its event is currently implemented on Desember or January. The activity has been started since the 15th century.

The ceremony begins with the story about a princess named Roro Anteng and her husband, Joko Seger. They were the leaders of the Kingdom of Tengger. The tide did not have child. Therefore, they prayed to mountain gods in order to had child.

Their prayer were granted and had 24 children, but the 25th child must be sacrificed. The child had to be thrown into the crater of Bromo. This story is the background of Kasada ceremony. The incident has became an annual traditional for the Tengger tribe.

But they did not sacrifice their children. They replaced it with throwing crops. The ceremony is thanksgiving to god, because they have good harvest. Then they hope the next harvest is abundant. After crops is thrown, there are people who take it out of the crater. They take risk to get the crops. Because they strongly believe, if the goods are taken will bring in good luck.

Hunting Sunrise at Mount Bromo


Watching sunrise is an interesting activity at Mount Bromo. Since 5 am, this area is already crowded by tourist. They don’t want to lose the beautiful moment. If the weather is not cloudy, you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise.

To achieve Bromo area, several transportation options are available. You can rent a Jeep or a horse. 250 stairs must be climbed to reach the crater. You must have sufficient stamina, in order to reach the summit. When you arrive at the top, you can enjoy the sunrise more beauty.

The temperature is very cold, reaching under 10 Celsius. So you have to make preparations before heading Bromo. Some of the fixtures need to bring, such as jacket, scrave, hat, glove, boot, mask, and flashlight.  

Many seller of food and beverages in Bromo area. So you don’t worry if you are hungry. But it’s better, if you bring food and drink. In anticipation when you are hungry at the top of mountain. Then, because there is no ATM facilities, you must provide sufficient cash.

Hunting sunrise is very exciting and challenging activity. People are willing to climb the mountain to get the most beautiful scenery. Your trip will be more enjoyable, when accompanied by an experienced person. Buying sunrise tour package is highly recommended. But be sure to choose a travel agency reliable.

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