Feel The Excitement Of Merapi Lava Tour

Merapi Lava Tour

Merapi Lava Tour – Merapi is an active volcano in Indonesia, with altitude of 2,968 meters. The mountain has an eruption cycle of about five years. Eruption occurred in 2010 damaging the mountain region up to residential area. The region is becoming new tourist destination known as Merapi Lava Tour. Besides you can still climb Merapi. Interested in creating a new experience?

Climbing Merapi to Enjoy The Beautiful Sunrise

Before the eruption, there are five hiking paths, namely Selo, Lendong, Sapuangin, Kinahrejo, and Babadan. Currently only Selo lane which can still be crossed. Because the other hiking trails destroyed by lava. The good news, this year will open a new climbing path through Klaten.

Hiking trails through New Selo only takes 3-5 hours. Along the route, you will see a lot of volcanic materials. Approaching the peak of Merapi, you will find the terrain that covered with volcanic rocks. The place is known as Pasar Bubrah. At this location became a favorite place the climber to set up tent.

Pasar Bubrah is the last limit to climbing Merapi. The regulation is enforced for the safety of climbers. But still there are climbers who dared climb to the top. You should not take this action. If you want to enjoy sunrise, you can see the beautiful sight at the Pasar Bubrah.

Merapi adjacent to Mount Merbabu. If you hike through Selo, along the way you can see the scenery of Merbabu. It is important to note, there is no source of water in climbing lane. Therefore you must bring adequate water supplies.

Safety factors should be prioritized when you climb Mount Merapi. Obey all the rules and do not break it. If climbing Merapi is the first experience for you should be accompanied by an experienced. You can also utilize the services of guide, so do not get lost.

Exciting Sensation of  Merapi Lava Tour


There is fun activity at the slopes of Mount Merapi. You can follow Merapi Lava Tour. Tourists can ride a Jeep to down former lava flow. You will be invited to stop by for some destinations, such as Bunker Kaliadem and Sisa Hartakau Museum.

Tour package are divided into three routes, namely the short route (1.5 hours), medium (2.5 hours), and long (4-5 hours). In order that you can enjoy the trip, you should come when the weather is sunny. But if you want to feel different sensation, you can follow the tour when it rain.

It is important to wear comfortable clothes, so the skin does not sunburn. Hat, sunblock, and sunglasses are essential to carry. Exploring former lava flow is very arid. The dust can interfere the breathing. Therefore, do not forget to wear mask. Then make sure you hire the right type of Jeep. The Land Cruiser is preferable, because it is more robust in various fields.

Well, whether the activity you want to do in the area of Mount Merapi? Enjoying sunrise tour or exploring lava tour? Please contact a trusted tour provider. So you get the right guidance to explore the uniqueness of Merapi.

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