The Beauty Light of Heaven in Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave

You like caving? Jomblang Cave is a challenge that you must be conquered. It is known have the light of heaven that you can not find in other places. You should make planning, because there are restrictions on tourists. The aim is to keeping the ecosystem in cave. Let’s start your adventure in the exotic cave.

Jomblang Cave is Near With Yogyakarta City


The cave is also called Luweng Grubeg. It is very decent to visiting the cavers, because only in Jomblang you can watching view the light of heaven. The beauty that is displayed makes this cave increasingly popular, either in Indonesia or abroad.

Jomblang is a vertical cave which is protected by the goverment. It is located in Gunung Kidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The distance is about 60 kilometers from Yogyakarta City. You can travel for 1.5 hours by riding car or motorcycle.

Environmental Sustainability Remains A Priority

The tourism potential introduced to tourists as environmental conservation efforts. Mining activities, making many caves prone to damage and even collapse. Illegal logging around the cave also adding to the destruction of nature. Economic interest was being the reason.

Therefore by utilising Jomblang Cave as ecotourism can be source of income for local residents. They do not harm the environment, can get new revenue and certainly preserve nature. Tourist interest is very high, but natural balance is the priority. Therefore, tourist visits are restricted.

Available Safety and Security Facilities for Tourists

Conservation and development facilities have done by tour management. They want to make sure that every visitor can down the cliff and caving moved easily. Thus starting the children and adults can enjoy the tourist destination.

The majority of tourist both local and foreign want to investigate the characteristics of the cave. They also very interested in studying biological life and animal in the cave. When you arrive in a tourist area, you can rest in Jomblang resort. It was built for researchers, but now every visitor should stay in the resort.

Starting adventure at Jomblang Cave

Before going down the cliff, you will get explanations about cave condition and regulation for caving. The aim is for the security and safety of the tourists. You will go down to the bottom of cave with depth up to 80 meters.

There are three pathway offered by tour organizer. You can choose VIP path with depth of 15 meters. Standard Path with depth of 60 meters, and Extreme Path with depth of 80 meters. For beginners, it is usually advisable to select VIP Path. If you choose the Standard Path, you will land in ancient forest.

The Amazing of Heaven Light

Well, if you can reach the bottom of cave on 12 pm, you can enjoy a rare phenomenon named light of heaven. It looks very exotic and makes you unsaturated to view it.

The visitors are limited only 25 peoples in one session of caving. The number was obtained based on the carrying capacity of the Jomblang Cave. With the restriction, when damage happen to the ecosystem, it can be quickly restored.

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