Witness The Uniqueness of Blue Fire at Ijen Crater

Witness The Uniqueness of Blue Fire at Ijen Crater

You are interested to watching the phenomenon of blue fire like in Iceland? You can climb Ijen Crater, which is located in East Java, Indonesia. Hiking ascent is very easy and only take about one hour. The climbing can be started on predawn. At the top of crater, you will be treated extraordinary views. What are the beauty that served by the crater?

Ijen Crater Colored Tosca

The crater is located in the area of Kabupaten Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. It is among the most acidic crater in the world. Vast crater up to 5,466 hectares, with the caldera walls reach 300 to 500 metres. The size of crater is 20 kilometres, while the dept is 300 metres.

When the sun is shining, the water in crater emits Tosca. The water are very quiet, but tourists are forbidden to touch it. The crater holds 2000 million cubic metres of water, which can heat up to 200 Celsius. Acidity level is very high, so that it can dissolve any objects, including the human body.

Blue Fire and Sulfur Miners


Actually, blue fire is liquid sulfur which flows at the bottom of crater. If you see it in the distance, it will look like blue flame. When the liquid sulfur that is exposed by the wind will dry up like rock. Chuncks of sulfur will be carried by the miners using wooden baskets. They bring the sulfur with draped way.

The miners are going down the mountain with distance up to 3 kilometres, to get the shelter of sulfur. Sulfur miners bring up to 100 kilograms. Maybe you are not able to lift and carry the heavy load. Moreover you should take it on the trail with uphill and downhill.

Ijen Crater Visitors Dominated by Foreign Tourists

Adventure into the Ijen Crater is very pleasant and memorable. The attraction is more full of visitors from abroad. Most of them coming from Europe. Because the exoticism of Ijen is very popular in several countries at Europe. So that more foreign tourists rather than local tourists.

Tips Adventure at Ijen Crater

For safety reason, you should utilize the services of an experienced guide. Especially if you want to see the blue fire from closer distance. They know the stone steps are fairly safe, including the most beautiful area to take pictures.

When going trekking bring some food and drinks. Don’t forget to bring a wet handkerchief or mask to cover the nose. Once you’re through to the bottom of crater, the fumes can create eyes sore. Contamination of smoke can also trigger headache. If the eyes exposed the fumes of sulfur, don’t ever wipe it. Because it can cause irritation, although the impact is not so dangerous.

Hiking trail to crater is closed after 2 pm. Because sulfur fumes will be increasingly concentrated, and blowing into climbing path. If you want to see blue fire phenomenon must come before sunrise. If You climb the crater after 10 am, the beauty of Ijen crater will not look perfect. The area is already covered by sulfur fumes.

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