Explore The Borobudur Temple While Enjoying Beautiful Sunrise

Explore The Borobudur Temple While Enjoying Beautiful Sunrise

If you are on vacation to Yogyakarta, do not miss to visit the Borobudur Temple. The largest Buddhist temple in the world has a lot of uniqueness. In addition, many fun activities you can do. What you can enjoy in one of the seven wonders of the world?

The Magnificent Temple Which Was Buried By Volcanic Ash

Temple of Borobudur is located at Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The location is approximately 40 kilometres northwest of Yogyakarta.  The stupa shaped temple was built by the Mahayana Buddhists araound the 800s AD, during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty.

Since the 14th century, the temple was no longer used after being burried volcanic ash. The temple was re-discovered in 1814. Currently, its surface covered with tress and shrubs. Excavation of the temple was completed in 1835. Then the restoration continued untill 1963. The Indonesian goverment and UNESCO in cooperation renovated back.

Although it has become a tourist attraction, but the temple still has a sacred value. Waicak festivals (Buddhist holy day) is always held in this temple. Buddhist throughout Indonesia and abroad flock to the temple area to celebrate the holy day.

Enjoying Beautiful Sunrise

Explore The Borobudur Temple While Enjoying Beautiful Sunrise

Waiting for sunrise in one of the activities favored by tourist. Unfortunately, the attraction gate of Borobudur temple recently opened at 6 am. So you have lost time to see the sunrise. But do not worry! You can still enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Borobudur. How can you do?

The easiest way is to stay at Manohara Hotel. You can access the top of the temple more easily. You do not need to queue up and waiting for temple gate opened. This is why Manohara Hotel be an alternative to see sunrise at Borobudur.

Climbing Bukit Punthuk Setumbu or Nirvana Sunrise is another way to see sunrise. Views of sunrise on the hill is also beautiful, like when you are at the top of the temple. The Hill is located approximately 5 kilometres from the temple.

If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. The scenery looks more exotic when fog appeared from behind the trees and houses. Surely, you do not want to miss the beautiful scenery, isn’t it?

Surround Borobudur Temple By Riding An Elephant

Usually you only see the elephants at the zoo. But if you are in the Borobudur temple, you can see elephants. Not only that, you can also ride the elephant. You can walk around the temple area by riding an elephant. So, do not miss the opportunity to feel the sensation of riding an elephant.

The elephant ride fare depending on the duration and many visited tourist destinations. Other fun activities are taking pictures with elephants, feeding elephants, bathing elephants, and just up the backs of elephants.

A Practical Way to Visit Borobudur Temple

It is appropriate if you are using the services of a professional tour. So you do not waste any time and can enjoy the vacation. Sunrise tour is a tour package which usually offered by travel agency. Make sure you choose only the best services with competitive cost.

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