Tour to Various Destinations in Yogyakarta

Tour to Various Destinations in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has many interesting sights and challenging. You can climb mountain, relax on the beach, scour the cave, watching cultural festivals, eating traditional food, and many more. Well, immediately contact a travel agent to follow Jogjakarta City Tour. Here are several interesting destinations in Yogyakarta.

Sunrise and Adventure in Merapi Lava Tour as Destinations in Yogyakarta

You can climb Mount Merapi which is very famous in Indonesia. Views of sunrise on the summit is very charming. You will be amazed by the beauty that served. It is important to observe all the rules, so you stay safe while doing hiking.

Merapi eruption harmed areas of mountain slope in 2010. Today, the area turned into a tourist attraction challenging. The destination is known as Merapi Lava Tour. You can explore this trip by renting jeep, motorcycle, and else. Adventuring with friends are more fun. The tourist destination is  located at Kabupaten Sleman.

Sandboarding in Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo



Gumuk pasir or sand dunes are natural phenomenon which is very rare in the world. It resulted from the eruption of Mount Merapi. Deposition of sand carried by the flow of river which empties into the southern coast. Once deposited on the beach, sand blown of by Indian Ocean and piled up somewhere in large quantities. The formed a unique landscape.

The location is known as sand dunes of Parangkusumo or sand dunes of Barchan. Parangkusumo refers to the name of place, while Barchan refer to the type of sand dunes. The Barchan has height between 5-15 meters. Therefore, the location is very suitable as sandboarding.

Why the natural phenomenon is said to be rare? In Southeast Asia, sand dunes only can find in three countries, that are Indonesia (Parangkusumo Sand Dunes), Philippines (La Paz Sand Dunes), and Vietnam (Mui Ne Sand Dunes). But just in Yogyakarta which is used as place of sandboarding. You can rent surfboard and will be taught how to surf properly.

Exploring Vertical Cave

Jomblang Cave is popular because uniqueness and beauty. Shooting of Amazing Race America ever did here in 2011. Jomblang is a vertical cave. It was formed by geological processed which occurred thousands of years ago. Land surface collapsed and forming sinkhole or giant well.

Broad mouth of cave reaches 50 meters, while the height up to 60 meters. The ability of single rope technique is needed, and of course courage. Anyone will caving must wear appropriate safety standards. Entering vertical cave is not easy, so you must be accompanied by someone who is experienced.

Cross The Sea With Gondola

Want to feel the sensation of crossing ocean by gondola? Yo can come to Timang Beach. It has exotic view that can’t you find in other beaches. Being here, you will be challenged to slide away form the beach to Timang Island.

Means of transport used is a gondola which is made by wood. Actually, the traditional gondola used by fishermen to catch lobsters. Now, this place becomes a challenging destination. So, if you are on vacation in Yogyakarta should try this challenge.

There are many attractive tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. The above are only a part. Please contact your travel agent to take advantage of Jogjakarta City Tour.

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